Charlotte Tilbury Lip Kit

Lip Cheat: Kiss n Tell

K.I.S.S.I.N.G: So Marilyn

May’s edition of Vogue contains a double page spread from editor, Alexandra Shulman, documenting her journey to find the perfect red lip. Something, which many – like myself – have struggled with for years.

Now, I love red lipstick as many of my posts have revealed but I’ve never found the shade that was just right. I’ve spent hours, and more money than I’d like to admit, on trying to find the perfect red colour – until now.

I am so lucky to have the best friends who always spoil me on my birthday and this year I received the famous maroon/gold packaging of my favourite brand – Charlotte Tilbury.


Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.03.30
Picture taken from Charlotte Tilbury offical website
The kit contains three products to help make the perfect red (I’m saving the lip lusture for another post) and this post is dedicated to the lip cheat and lipstick which I’m obsessed with.

Charlotte Tilbury calls her lip pencils ‘lip cheat’ and the website description says:

The signature rich, velvety lip liner that glides effortlessly over lips and has the power to completely re-shape, re-size and balance your pout.

I don’t know how keen I am on reshaping or resizing my ‘pout’ but anything which literally helps me cheat my way into having the kind of lips I see in beauty adverts is definitely a yes from me!

I add lip products last to my make up routine, roughly about 10minutes after applying some Cocoa Butter to my lips so they’re moisturised but not overly oily and then proceed with the lip cheat. This, I apply to the outside of my lips and then fill in lightly.

CT’s website has many descriptions about the lipstick K.I.S.S.I.N.G but the one description I’m drawing on is:

A special blend of waxes means this lipstick is a dream to use and glides over the contours of your lips. The result is colour rich and buildable, the formula does not bleed outside the lip line.

I really love how this lipstick goes on with a slight gloss to it but stays put all night. It’s revolutionary and the fact that it stayed put while I ate my way through many courses at dinner was a shock to me at the end of the night! Can a lipstick really be this perfect?

I recommend the combination of the two for anyone who wants to find a perfect red lipstick, which stays put, is moisturising and provides a perfect colour in just one coat!

Dior Fix It


 I stumbled upon this product by complete accident when I was waiting in Covent Garden and both the Armani store and Chanel gave me a funny look when I went in! Dior customer service was so welcoming and the man who did my make up for me made me feel so comfortable with all of the new products he was trying on my face.

I got the whole Dior treatment with serums, creams, foundations – you name it! But the thing that appealed to me the most was the fix it stick in green.

The product is similar looking to a lipstick but the middle bit is a primer so it primes your face as well as covering (it took me a few uses to get used to it).

After spontaneous purchase I was left with a product I did not know how to use but thank god for the YouTube beauty gurus who explain how to use colour wheels properly.

My face has a lot of redness and I didn’t want to look like a green monster with blobs of green mixed in with foundation when I went out every day, so here’s my step by step of how I use Dior Fix It:

  1. After moisturising and priming my face I apply a tiny tiny layer of this where I need it
  2. Using my fingers I pat in the product
  3. I use Dior’s Beauty Blender – but any one will do – to dab in the product (make sure it’s damp!)
  4. If need be, I apply a bit of concealer to any areas which need it (this step can be missed out!)
  5. I then use a stippling brush – mine was so cheap from Amazon – and pat my foundation on
  6. Repeat step 3 to dab in the foundation to assure I don’t look cakey

It’s so simple and I feel so much more confident with my make up knowing that it isn’t caked on my face in an attempt to cover up any problem areas.

Let me know if you’ve used this or any colour correctors!

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.43.27.png
Pic taken from Dior website

Chanel Le Vernis

Nail Polish – 508 Shantung

Not many things can make me as happy as the feeling of leaving Chanel with the iconic white bag full of stuff I just can’t wait to use! This is one review of many of my Chanel nail polishes but as it’s the one I’m using now on my hands and feet it deserves a review first.

The colour is a reddish-pink that looks different in different lights (which is why my pictures may both look different) and is buildable with layers. I applied a Dior clear gel underneath – which I can’t for the life of me remember the name of – and two layers of 508 followed by Barry M’s clear top coat.

As with most high end nail polishes I’ve found that they’re watered down and not as thick as the likes of Barry M’s. This nail polish dries pretty quickly but I’ve found that applying a little bit too much of can cause major smudging so beware of that!

I applied this two days ago and already have one major chip on one finger, this may be down to washing my hair and vigorously massaging shampoo into it, however this doesn’t really justify why such a high end nail product chips within a few days!

Chanel Le Vernis retails for £20 and is has all the look and feel of a luxury item but beware of major chipping!


Smashbox L.A Lights

Hollywood and Highlight


Highlighter is one thing I just can’t get my head around. Every time I apply it I look sweaty or like I’ve just dipped my face in a bowl of glitter. So I’m so glad to welcome a stick highlighter in my life…

I got this for Christmas in a set from Smashbox – I’ll review other products soon – and this highlighter has been such a saving grace! It’s so simple and easy to use and it actually highlights!

With stick foundations, concealers, highlighters I’ve found that they’re so easy to apply and so buildable without looking as cakey as you may with liquids and powders.

I normally apply this last, so even after I’ve sprayed my face with setting spray will do sometimes if I’m going somewhere casual. I literally draw a few lines where I want it; eyebrows, cupids bow and cheeks and blend with a beauty blender or my fingers until I am as glowing as any Kim K (wannabe).

I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn to highlight because you can’t really go wrong with something that is basically a glittery crayon!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

Happy Sunday!

I haven’t posted in so long again 😦 between studying, gym and general life I seem to have sadly neglected my blog but I’m hoping an honest review will make up for it!

I received this brow gel for Christmas and I was so excited to use it considering Anastasia doesn’t sell products in the UK and instead they’re shipped slowly across the pond.

Personally, I’m not a fan of drawing on brows, colouring in brows or anything other than threading my brows and applying highlighter if I’m going out so this brow gel was definitely new for me. Previously, I’d been using Miss Sporty Clear Mascara to brush up my brows.

So, this gel is quite a thick formula so I was confused as to whether to apply it before or after highlighter and having done both I’m still not convinced. It’s also really clear so like it looks I’ve got a permanent band of sweat on my eyebrows that is not a good look. Plus, because the formula is too thick it makes my eyebrows hard as if I’d applied hair gel to them and takes some time to get rid of. I’m scared that in the future it’d wipe out half my precious hairs due to scrubbing.

Conclusion: Sorry Anastasia, I’ll have to stick to Miss Sporty here!

The Secret Wife

My favourite genre to read will always be historical romances. I just love how the past can turn be a muse for the greatest love stories and The Secret Wife is no exception. This is the first novel I’ve read by Gill Paul and I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy it the way I did but I’m so glad that I bought it.

The story follows Kitty, who lives in North London (yay North London’s on the map!) after she finds out about the betrayal of her husband. She traces back her ancestry to America and lives in her great-grandfathers disused cabin while taking a much needed break. This is where things get really good! Her great grandfather happened to be in possession of a diary…Duchess Tatiana Romanov of Russia’s diary.

The diary sets the scene for the love affair between Tatiana and Dmitri – Kitty’s same great grandfather – and tells of the life they lead and the many problems they faced due to love.

I have never really learnt about Russian history and to be honest I never even knew Duchess Tatiana existed but she did and this novel is based on these real life people which makes it all the more compelling!

Both Dmitri and Tatiana, along with the Emperor and Empress of Russia and their children have such an interesting story and while it ends in death, the story that Paul has plotted is so beautifully written that I, like her, hope her version is true and does come to light one day!

This is a book so well researched and written that it’s made me want to explore Russian aristocracy because I feel as though I am part of the lives of those whose story I was briefly let into.

Review: Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

My resolution to try and post twice a week didn’t go to plan eek! However I’ve been waiting enough time after having the peel done to give an honest opinion of it!

Note: this isn’t the same as the Obagi Blue peel, which stains your face blue for up to 24hours after and has to be performed by a qualified doctor.

 I’m not really a fan of over-expensive skincare and like to stick to a simple and natural regime for my face to combat any skin problems that may arise from using new products. I had this peel done six days ago so I feel like enough time has passed for me to review it but I guess I won’t know any further effects until a few weeks down the line.

In the past I’ve tried salicylic peels which to be honest, did nothing at all for me. They didn’t combat oil production or acne and in all honesty I just felt as though I’d wasted money and time for nothing. Due to this I was apprehensive about the Obagi peel, however my clinic gave me 50% off.

Anyway, back to the actual peel itself. The beautician therapist started with cleaning my face, then she applied one layer of the peel and the burning began. She said that you can do up to three layers but as it was my first time to just go for two. So after layer one, she fanned my face and we went onto layer two! This one burned even more and even though my face was being fanned it felt as though it was on fire. The pain did subside after a few minutes and then it was left on my face for a few minutes more before being washed off and I had a hydrating mask put on me and lastly some tinted moisturiser and my experience was over.

Flash forward two days and my face is peeling, I’m not allowed to exfoliate and no amount of coconut oil is curbing the peeling! I stupidly decided to go out and wear make up which accentuates the dry skin on my face and I’m beginning to regret my decision, but also realizing there is nothing I can do about it!

I’m currently on day six, still have an extremely dry face and in all honesty I have no desire to try this peel again. Obagi markets this as a ‘lunchtime peel’ because they claim there’s no downtime. I feel as though this is extremely untrue and if my face is like this after just one, how would it look after the recommended six peels! 

All in all, I’ve noticed absolutely no change in the texture/brightness of my skin and instead of making it glow it’s done the opposite and I’ve had a few breakouts from the harsh chemicals in the peel. I’m beginning to wonder if it was too strong for my young skin (I’m in my early 20s) or just wasn’t right for me. 

Let me know if you’re tried this or are planning to! 

Obagi Blue Radiance peel is around £100 per peel.

Christian Louboutin Beauté

Silky Satin Lip Colour- Rouge Louboutin 001


This post is so delayed seeing as my boyfriend bought this for me last Christmas! Eek sorry, but better late than never – I guess. Anyway, I love love love Christian Louboutin; I also received his nail colour last Christmas, read my review here.

When I think of Louboutin I think of red. That’s just the way it is, I mean he patented red soles so he is the king of all things red! When I saw he had a make up line coming out I was intrigued but knew I’d ever be able to spend such a huge amount on lipstick (it’s £65!) so you can imagine my surprise and happiness when I received this! As you know from my endless posts, I am always on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick and thankfully my boyfriend picked 001 as its such a good shade!

The formula is called ‘silk satin’ but I’d say it’s a mix between matte and creamy which lasts for hours and is smudge proof too. To get the best out of the lipstick I line my lips with a simple bright red liner and put the lipstick on top. The use of liner makes the colour pop and stand out!

I absolutely love this lipstick and I’d definitely recommend it to any who are after a high-end lipstick – if not for the colour then for the fact that it comes in the most beautiful red and black box and the lipstick itself has such nice packaging! I’ve attached a pic below from the Louboutin website.

Aveda black mulva colour conditioner.png

The Shadow Sister – Lucinda Riley

Happy New Year!

My 2017 is off to a great start mainly due to this book! I love Lucinda Riley’s novels, she is definitely my favourite author at the moment and I’ve loved all of her books thus far. The Shadow Sister is part of The Seven Sisters series of novels that Riley is writing about a family and how they cope with the aftermath of the death of their father.

The novel follows Star – or Asterope – in her journey to finding about her roots and how she’s gotten to where she is right now. What I love most about Riley’s stories is that they begin in the present day and then float between present and past as we are shown another character’s story. The novel is so well researched and written that I feel as though I am with Flora in England as well as with Star in Kent and as part of their lives as the characters they meet along the way.

I finished this book in less than three days because I honestly could not put it down and it was probably my best Christmas present this year! If you’re looking for a book to read then I suggest The Seven Sisters series because it takes you on a journey with so many twists and turns that you’ll never guess what’s coming next!

The Kashmir Shawl – Rosie Thomas

I can’t believe 2016 has nearly finished! This year has definitely been good to me in terms of career and finding my path in life so I will be sad to say bye to it but bring on 2017! As this is my last post of 2016 I thought I’d finish off with a book I’ve just read.

I bought The Kashmir Shawl from Amazon because I needed to buy enough to qualify for free delivery but who’d have thought that a random purchase would be one of my best reads on the year! Its written by Rosie Thomas who’s novels I’ve not read yet however after this one I’ll be sure to give her a try. The story has many different settings; Leh, Ladakh, Kashmir, Wales, Switzerland and Dehli and the descriptions throughout make me feel as though I am in these places and friends with the characters which are what make a good read worth it, for me.

As I’ve recently been to India I was intrigued to read something written by a non-Indian and see their perspective on a country which has so much to offer and so many different stories within it. The fact that the book was literally about a shawl is interesting but at the same time vague – how can one shawl tell a story worth 400 or so pages? Whose story is it? Will it end happily? As much as I hate to admit this, I love happy endings – some stories deserve them more than others and without giving too much away this story did have a happy ending – of sorts. Around halfway through the book whilst it was still in 1940s india following Nerys and her group of friends I was wondering when it would end because there were so many open narratives which needed to be concluded for the reader to feel satisfied. I have mixed feelings about the ending but I’ll leave that for the next reader to ponder upon!

If you plan to read this book please let me know your thoughts on the ending!

Happy 2017 xo