Nip+Fab Kale Fix

Make up removing pads

In my not so expert opinion, there is one brand that seems to be taking over right now and that is: Nip+Fab. They are all over my social media feed with products ranging from skincare to innovative make up in the form of foundation drops.

I’ve wanted to Nip+Fab for a while now and when my holiday came round it seemed like the perfect time. I normally use a cleanser and muslin cloth to remove make up, such Emma Hardie or Liz Earle, but with baggage restrictions I’d rather pack light and save space for shoes.

The reviews I read about Nip+Fab kale fix make up removing pads say they are specifically designed for dry skin suffers and after using most people saw an improvement in their skin’s condition. While I’ve spent a long time drinking kale and hating it, I was interested to see what would happen if it was applied topically.

I got lucky and got the product on a half price promotion at Boots a few weeks ago and used them on my recent holiday to Portugal where it was hot and humid, so I needed something that would remove all traces of make up and dirt.

I sweep one-two of these over my face, depending on how much make up I am wearing and they leave my feeling clean and refreshed. Unfortunately, a few times I did struggle with leftover eyeliner smudges, which is why I’d probably use two pads on special occasion days.

I saw an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin after a few weeks of using the pads and didn’t break out once – although if that’s due to Nip+Fab or my regime I will have to investigate further. But the bottom line is, I will be making these make up removing pads a regular in my daily skincare routine.


Lakmé – Eyeconic Kajal

Happy Boxing Day! Well happy just-finished-Boxing-Day. This post is a little late as it’s about a product from Lakmé’s range – a brand I saw and heard of whilst in India in November. I haven’t posted in ages but have decided as of now to try and post twice a week every week – meaning I’ll need to invest in new products and spend a lot of time make up shopping!

I am always looking for black eyeliner and for my waterline I only ever trust kajal as opposed to conventional black liner so I was happy to come across this product in a small drugstore in India for less than 200 rupees (not even £2!). This cheap, yet effective product has become my staple for nights out, daytime and work aka I literally wear it everywhere! Its not a pencil but instead a push up stick of kajal which I think its more hygienic than constantly using a sharpener and it lasts all day.

Whilst the colour is black, for someone like me who prefers simple make up for daytime I simply use it lightly and it comes up as a gray-ish colour giving me a natural look which lasts. I mix this up for evenings by applying it to my waterline – again lasting aaaalll night! Honestly I can’t fault this product at all and with such a good price I may have to fly the thousands of miles back to India to get another!

Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation

Every make up lover must have spend countless hours dedicated to finding the ‘perfect foundation’ and during my research one brand kept appearing time and time again: Giorgio Armani. It wasn’t just the rave reviews that drew me to the luxury brand but the fact that celebrities raved about this foundation too (yes I am ashamed to admit that I am on of those people who sometimes falls for celebrity endorsements!).

So eventually I found a Giorgio Armani counter on a shopping trip and I let the make up artist practice on finding the perfect shade to match my skin tone. Before I mention the colour match I have to say that I hardly ever find anything that matches my skin tone. Anyway, she flitted between shade 3.5 and 6.5 – a huge number difference but I was told it was only a difference of one shade. Eventually I decided on 6.5 and thankfully there was a £10 promotion so I didn’t have to feel tooo bad if I didn’t like it.

The colour match is something that still is a bit of a problem for me as I have to be sure not to layer on too much on my cheeks as it really stands out however that being said this is definitely the best foundation I’ve used in a long time. I have sensitive skin yet this didn’t once affect my face, it lasted all day – even in the humid, hot weather of Hong Kong and it doesn’t contain SPF. While some people want something that does contain the all important SPF, I personally prefer a foundation that doesn’t as it doesn’t provide flashback in pictures and also lets me choose my own sun care protection.

All in all I would definitely recommend this foundation, as it is literally luxury in a bottle!




L’Oréal – Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara

Happy 2016!

Post Christmas/New Years is so depressing for me because I no longer have anything to look forward to! Once my Christmas decorations are back in the loft I realise how fast the holidays go and how little time we have to actually sit back and enjoy them so instead now I’ll revel in my memories and be glad that I have received so many amazing gifts that I look forward to reviewing in the next few months. First on my list is this mascara which I have been wanting for ageeees…

L’oréal is definitely my go to for mascara, I know there are a lot of high end products which claim to do so many things but sometimes I feel it’s better to stick to what I know especially when coming into such close contact with my eyes. Up until now I’ve been using the Volume Million Lashes ‘So Couture’ on my lashes but my job in advertising has finally gotten to me and the countless adverts I’ve seen for the feline range sold it to me.

The packaging of this is exactly the same as the others in the range but that’s where the similarities end for me. When I think of the feline inspired make up I think of defined lashes on the outer corners of my eyes but for me this did not work at all. I know the brush is tailored to make this effect work but it’s difficult to use when the brush has to be held in a certain way each time it’s used which for me is just too complicated and too much hassle. My problems don’t end on the outer lashes, the rest also look clumpy and because of this it looks like I have only 3 eyelashes per eye!

Sadly my trusty and go to L’Oréal didn’t do its job here, although in theory the effect sounds good I’ll be sticking to So Couture in future

Charlotte Tilbury – Charlotte’s Magic Cream

Happy December!

I’ve been writing and rewriting this post for a few weeks now because I wanted my review of this product to be 100% honest and I think after a good 4 weeks of using the cream I’ve had sufficient experience with it!

So as most beauty lovers will know this is the product of Charlotte Tilbury, don’t get me wrong I love all that she does but I feel like this is the one which makes her stand out as the formula is one she herself made and uses on models backstage at fashion shows and now it’s available for us mere mortals to use (yay).

I received this in my Book of Makeup Magic – which I love by the way – and it’s the first product I used even though it’s in box 2. My first instinct with the cream is that it’s 15ml and how long would it realistically be before my finger scraped the bottom with barely any product to use but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been using this twice a day everyday for the past 4 weeks and so far there has been plenty to go around. The cream has a nice natural smell to it and it doesn’t break me out at all which I’m so happy with considering Charlotte has a ‘secret’ unnamed ingredient in it!

Now for the bad part; it’s winter and in the winter my skin is reaaaaalllly dry! It’s annoying how I leave the house before work and find dry patches on my cheeks so I thought this cream would be my saviour however even though it’s thick in texture I still find a dry patch here and there on my cheeks a while after applying. Don’t get me wrong I can correct this by adding some more but I feel that with a luxury item there shouldn’t be room for a second chance and it should just do the job in one!

That being said I do love this moisturiser and I’m definitely willing to see how it fares up in the warmer months.




The Book of Makeup Magic -Charlotte Tilbury

I am SO excited about this! I’ve always loved Charlotte Tilbury’s products, story and counters and when I found out she was releasing this ‘advent calendar’ style beauty book I knew I had to put myself on the waiting list to buy it ASAP!

Alright I’ll admit the price made me a little sceptical however I’m receiving 12 products (many of which are samples) but also many things which are new and different to me which excited me a lot!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing the products in full after I’ve tried and tested them for a long enough time to give an honest review. Here’s a list of the products:

  • Goddess skin clay mask
  • Charlottes magic cream
  • Wonderglow
  • Nocturnal cat eyes to hypnotise
  • Rock ‘n’ Kohl
  • Lip magic
  • K.I.S.S.I.N.G fallen from the lipstick tree
  • Matte revolution
  • Supermodel body
  • Take it all off
  • Multi-miracle glow
  • Magic night cream

Bobbi Brown – Face Touch Up Stick

It seems like I’ve been searching for the perfect concealer for forever! I’ve been through numerous brands and eventually decided to try something new: Bobbi Brown. Her products are always so raved about and I was curious to try and see if they lived up to the amazing reviews.

Touch up sticks and foundation sticks are becoming more popular but I think it’s a personal preference to use a stick, cream or powder concealer and since I’d always opted for something creamier which is easier to spread I thought I’d see how well stick concealers fare with my skin type.

My first impression was that the colour match was amazing. The SA told me that concealer should be worn on top of foundation which settled that debate for me, thus she matched the colour to my foundation which seemed a bit light but once blended in was practically invisible. I like to stipple my foundation sometimes for a fuller look so I will either put this on before I stipple or on top depending on how much redness I want to cover.

The concealer lasts pretty long with no marks showing until I’ve taken it off at the end of the day and it also contains skin loving nutrients to help with any blemishes. I’d rate this a definite 4/5 and recommend it to all who want to try something new

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes 5* Mascara

Is it me or is that title too long!

I should start but apologising for not blogging enough recently, one of the downsides to getting a full time job and (finally) being an adult (sort of!).

With working comes the dilemma of do I wear make up to work? If so what do I wear? Foundation or BB cream? Lipstick or gloss? Eye make up? This is a dilemma that I’m sure most girls face and for me I’ve decided that the less I wear the better because no one wants to be stuck in make up for 9+ hours, especially in the heat!

However, I do want a natural looking mascara which doesn’t clump, itch and is long lasting and this is where Full Fat Lashes comes in. I received this mascara as a present and I’d only ever heard of Charlotte Tilbury through reading blog reviews but now that I’ve tried her products I’m hooked and can’t wait to test out the lip products! The mascara gives me a natural look as I already have long lashes I just use one coat and a little goes a long way. It lasts aaaaalll day, gives me a natural look and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. For £22 it is definitely in the higher end of the beauty spectrum but I think CT is justifiable thanks to her amazing products!

L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream Anti-Redness

BB-CC-DD whatever the letters, alphabet creams are fast taking over the world as the best alternatives for foundation and tinted moisturiser. Personally, I’ve never been too keen on BB creams as I just thought they’re another unnecessary product taking up space in my make up collection. However this was until I tried L’Oreal’s anti-redness BB cream.

The good thing about L’Oreal’s collection is that they cater to a range of different needs, however if you’re a beauty lover then I don’t need to tell you about the anti dullness/redness/fatigue solutions in the collection. I opted for the anti redness because these days my face is waaay too red, especially after a shower it takes forever to calm down and I’m glad to say this works SO well. After buying this I did my usual research on the best ways to apply and saw that there were so many different ways; hands, brushes, beauty blenders so I tried all 3.

This BB cream stands out to me because it contains ‘smart pigments’ which blend into a colour as soon as it touches your skin but when I applied it using my hands it left me looking tanned and unnatural, so next I tried my Dior beauty blender but still this didn’t do any wonders to my face so I went back to my trust RT brush. I dot a tiny bit of this on the back of my hand and then dab touches to my chin, cheeks and forehead which leaves a slight green tinge on my face so I follow it up with my DiorSkin Star foundation in a stippling motion which gives me a flawless finish.

The best thing about L’Oreal’s BB cream is that it’s eradicated my need to use a concealer anymore because it helps give such a flawless finish and covers every flaw. This being said, I think that nothing is perfect and while L’Oreal does win against many of its higher priced competitors, it doesn’t do any favours to my dry skin so those who are prone to dry skin should use a hydrating primer underneath however it’s ability to last aaaalll day and still look good make it a competitor as one of my favourite summer beauty products. 

Urban Decay Naked Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer 

With a name as long as that I expect some pretty good things from this concealer, however I was really disappointed with this product.

The SA in Urban Decay matched me up to the colour Medium Neutral after the others proved to be too pale or dark for me but after an hour of application I looked in the mirror and looked like an orange – literally. It was also applied under my eyes however gave me a look of conjunctivitis because it was applied too thick under my eyes which is fair enough so the next day at home I decided to apply it myself and see if it looked any better. The warm tones contrasted too much with my natural skin colour again and I decided it was best to leave my Urban Decay obsession to their eyeshadows and lipsticks which is such a shame because I spent a while researching their products and really wanted to love this.

The reviews I read stated that is is smooth and weightless and I have to completely agree, it did feel so nice on my face and felt like I was wearing no make up but the poor colour match put me off so I’d suggest sampling this before purchasing it.